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Connecting Rosotics With $500k | Seedscout Case Study

I was first exposed to Christian by having him on my podcast, Forward Thinking Founders. If I remember correctly, I heard about him & Rosotics through ASU Venture Devils. Although I didn’t 100% understand what he was doing at the time, I could tell by his website that he wasn’t aiming to build some small company with a modest exit. He was going big and I wanted to meet him.

Fast forward and we have the podcast published on the first day of 2022.

789 - Christian LaRosa (Rosotics) On Creating Hyper-Efficient Metal Additive Manufacturing Solutions

There was something about the conversation that made me want to dive deeper into what he was doing. Especially because he was a local. After I let him know the podcast was up, I wanted to meet IRL. So we coordinated a time.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 6.54.50 PM


We ended up meeting at Chompies with Christian and one of his team members. It was only after this meeting that I full realize his vision. He’s ultimately aiming to build portable 3d printing drones that can print massive structures, starting with rockets. At first, he came off as crazy. But the more time I spent with him, the more clear I understood the vision.

Historically, a 3d printer needed to be as large as the object it was printing in order for it to work, but by changing the idea of what a Printer could look like, there is no limit to how large a structure could be. Once I got wind of this being the plan at Chompies, I was to help make it a reality and I asked how I could help.

On Feb 9th, I had him send me a forwardable intro email that I was going to send off to some VCs in my network

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 6.58.36 PM

Most notably, one of the first investors to take an intro was Dave Goldblatt, who is also an investor in Seedscout.

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 6.59.40 PM

Soon after that, Eric Ries, another one of my first investors, also wanted to meet with Christian.


Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.01.12 PM

We spent a lot of time making intros requests for Christian in the months to come and quite a few spent time with Christian to learn more about his vision, yet still passed. For some, they didn’t think he was capable of building it. For others, they couldn’t wrapt their head around the vision. With that said, in late April and May time frame, there were a few investors that took a serious look at Rosotics as an investment. Many times, I got texts or calls from Christian helping him understand the fundamentals of SAFEs or how to negotiate with investors

Screen Shot 2022-07-18 at 7.09.24 PM

This is one of the benefits of helping local founders. When someone needs help, they may only be a few minutes away so we can jam out about it in person.

Through the negotiation process, Christian eventually pulled through and got two checks from our ecosystem. One being Dave Goldbaltt, who put in $200k. Another investor put it $300k who was an intro that came from Eric Ries. 6 months ago, Christian had no Bay Area area investors but after going through the Seedscout process, he was able to raise half a million dollars through our network.

The Moral of The Story

If you’re following along, you can tell that Seedscout didn’t close these deals for Christian. In fact, he had to figure a lot of this out on his own. He surely made mistakes in the process too. But isn’t this what life is all about? So many companies claim that they will raise the capital for them, but this isn’t how life works. The founders are the ones doing the work. We are nearly open the doors for them and help them walk through. And Christian ran, now having half a million in his account he didn’t have at the start of the year to allocate.

When you sign up for Seedscout, you’re the one doing the work. You’re the one making the mistakes. And you’re the one who gets the upside when you figure it out. This is how life works too, and we are no different. We are here to open the door, you decide how fast you want to run.