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Want To Meet Founders on Seedscout?

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who are raising capital in our ecosystem.

Create Your Profile

Make a profile outlining your investment preferences. Let us know what sectors you like, your average check size, investment locations, & more!

Review Intro Requests

When a founder on the platform wants to meet you, you'll get an email with information on them. Decide whether you not you want to engage in a conversation with the founder & then reply.

Cut Some Checks

Once you meet with a few of our founders, you'll likely feel compelled to write some checks. Seeing that Seedscout takes no % of the deal, go ahead and make those investments! 

Here's How It Works In Action

Benefits of Joining Seedscout As An Investor

We Don't Take Fees

When you invest in a deal, know that we aren't taking a cut out of it. You and your LPs can sleep at night knowing you're getting all the equity you are paying for.

Vetted Founders

Seedscout has systems in place to make sure startups on the platform are of higher quality than the average venture. This will be clear once you start getting introduction requests.

Meet Startups Early

Seedscout works with founders before they raise their series A. Build a relationship with the next Deel or Mercury before they get big. Even better, help them get big by investing.

Already Proven

We've done deals with Draper, Tribe Capital, Hustler Fund, Stonks, Mucker, Vibe Capital, and many's safe to assume you're in good company.

Quote From Matt Shumer of OthersideAI

"Seedscout was incredibly helpful throughout the process of starting OthersideAI. They were able to provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and connections, all of which helped us pull together an initial raise that kickstarted our growth. Seedscout would be an invaluable advisor to any entrepreneur looking to take on their first round of capital."

Quote From Lisa Russel of Aleria

"Our fastest "YES" from an investor so far was from a SeedScout intro. We were introduced, scheduled a call, talked for 45 minutes, sent supporting docs that night, had a yes the next morning, money in the bank a week later. "

Frequently Asked Question

Does Seedscout Charge For Introductions?

We do not charge if a founder is requesting an intro to you. If you want to request an intro to a founder on the platform, you'll need to join a pro plan.

Are The Deals Even Good?

If you're looking for the repeat founder with a background in consulting & VC, this isn't going to be the place for you. But if you're interested in spotting + backing outliers, you're going to like it here.

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