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Kick Off Your Angel Investing Career

The Seedscout Investment Club helps high net worth individuals based around the world learn the craft of investing, understand how to evaluate deals, and create massive wealth through the private markets.

Share the Same Deal Flow As....

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Weekly Educational Events

Every week, we host a small group of investors to learn about a new topic in angel investing. We cover how to ramp up deal flow, portfolio construction strategies, and of course talking through deals.


Develop Your Investing Style

Do you want to invest in your own backyard? Globally? A few large checks? A ton of small checks? Develop your investing style with our growing 2,800 startups data set.

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Get Access To Premium Networking Experiences

Forget the dinner table, we host our events in suites and arenas all around the country. Spend time meeting a co-investor or a potential LP while watching the Suns play the Warriors in a boujie environment.

We Don't Take Equity or Success Fees..Ever

As an investor in the Seedscout investor club, never worry about us asking for a success fee or scout carry. All you pay is the membership fee, no carry.

We Work With New Angel Investors

Angel investing is a relatively new activity for most investors. Here at Seedscout we welcome investors who want to learn the craft, even if they have never invested i in a startup before.

We Provide Tier One Deal Flow

Seedscout has some of the best deal flow in the world by virtue of working with startups at the earliest stages. By joining our investment club, you will find fantastic investment opportunities.  

Upcoming Seedscout Investor Club Events 

We host biweekly events for the Seedscout Investor Club to help our members ramp up their knowledge of how to invest in startups. As investor club members, we also allow you to poke into our other events for no cost (with the discount code). See the upcoming events below.


Seedscout is amazing for discovering deals outside your network! I like that you can be as proactive as you want - when things are slow I can filter and review companies I might like, but I also get a good amount of inbound dealflow from founders who find me and want to connect.

Kenny Tucker, Formerly VP at PlanGrid and Proxy.

Seedscout has been an amazing tool to help me connect with new and underrepresented entrepreneurs. The super low friction and high data signal has been my most valuable asset to help me ramp up as an early stage investor.


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Randy Holloway, Director at Google

Join The Seedscout Investing Club

We charge $100 per month for the Seedscout investing club, and once you sign up, you get immediate access to the events we put on in the suite + our startup database.

Ready to level up your angel investing career? Sign up for the Seedscout investing club today.