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Expand Your Network, Get In The Room, & Conquer The World

Seedscout is a platform that helps modern professionals expand their network. Meet founders, investors, job seekers, service providers, & more through our online intro platform and IRL event network.
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Request Introductions To Other Modern Professionals

Seedscout has thousands of founders, investors, job seekers, & service providers who are open to introduction requests from our Pro members.  If you want to meet one of them, no need to send a cold email or an Inmail. Just request an intro via Seedscout.


Trigger Magic Intros

Sometimes, you don't want to roll the dice by requesting an intro. You just NEED to meet someone. With Seedscout, you have the ability to trigger a magic intro, which automatically introduces you to someone else on the Seedscout platform. No double opt in needed.

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Go From URL to IRL

Seedscout has a robust event network where members of Seedscout Pro can meet in person at our high end events. Although relationships get started online, business get's done in person and we make it easy to make that happen in our ecosystem

 Take all the money you spend on conferences, happy hours, random coffee meetings, sponsoring events and throw it out the window. Seedscout has built the premium networking tool for 2022 and we want you to be a part of it.

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Seedscout Pro Member Wins

Rosotics Raised $500,000 from Our Intros

Rosotics raised $500k directly from Seedscout intros. $200,000 came from Dave Goldblatt of Vibe Capital and $300,000 came from Draper Associates. Rosotics is based in Phoenix Arizona and didn't need to move to get this capital.

Aleria Got Her Fastest Ever Commitment From a Seedscout Intro

Through all the checks that Aleria has gotten, she still says that the fastest commitment she has ever gotten was from a Seedcout Intro to Randy Holloway.


From Lisa Russell, the founder

"Our fastest "YES" from an investor so far was from a SeedScout intro. We were introduced, scheduled a call, talked for 45 minutes, sent supporting docs that night, had a yes the next morning, money in the bank a week later. 💥"

Trac got $100,000 From Calm Company Fund

We connect Cardin & Tyler together which eventually led to a $100,000 from Calm Company Fund to Trac. Trac has since gone on to raise their full seed round of $2.5M

Helping Close Insured Nomad's Pre-Seed Round

We connected Insured Nomads with a handful of their first investors, including Elizabeth Yin (his first investor) and Jeremy Kuo, who notable ran a syndicate and invested over $200,000.

"I predict Seedscout is going to make a huge impact in the next few years. Like Angelist, his concept will blossom and Seed Scout will become a household name, at least in the world of investors and startups."

Paul Allen

Founder of

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