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We Help Founders Expand Their

Investor Network

By using Seedscout, get intro requests to hundreds of active investors, meet our experienced VC mentors to get candid feedback, and close strengthen relationships at our IRL events

Firms Who Invest In Our Startups

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Get Dozens of Investor Intro Requests Per Month

Through our network of 800+ investors, we will send your deal to relevant investors every month. For those who want an intro, we'll make it. For those who pass, we'll share their feedback with you.


Get Feedback By Meeting With Mentors 

Seedscout offers mentor conversations that get founders the candid feedback they need to improve on their fundraise. Bypass the surface level reasons VCs pass and get to the real stuff with Seedscout mentors. 

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Go From URL to IRL

Seedscout has a robust event network where we make it easy for founders and investors to meet with eachother in person to create a more organic opportunity for a conversation. 

Intros We've Made That Led To 💰💰💰


Rosotics Raised $500,000 from Our Intros

Rosotics raised $500k directly from Seedscout intros. $200,000 came from Dave Goldblatt of Vibe Capital and $300,000 came from Draper Associates. Rosotics is based in Phoenix Arizona and didn't need to move to get this capital.

Aleria Got Her Fastest Ever Commitment From a Seedscout Intro

Through all the checks that Aleria has gotten, she still says that the fastest commitment she has ever gotten was from a Seedcout Intro to Randy Holloway.


From Lisa Russell, the founder

"Our fastest "YES" from an investor so far was from a SeedScout intro. We were introduced, scheduled a call, talked for 45 minutes, sent supporting docs that night, had a yes the next morning, money in the bank a week later. 💥"

Trac got $100,000 From Calm Company Fund

We connect Cardin & Tyler together which eventually led to a $100,000 from Calm Company Fund to Trac. Trac has since gone on to raise their full seed round of $2.5M

Helping Close Insured Nomad's Pre-Seed Round

We connected Insured Nomads with a handful of their first investors, including Elizabeth Yin (his first investor) and Jeremy Kuo, who notable ran a syndicate and invested over $200,000.

We Don't Take Equity or Success Fees

If you raise capital through Seedscout, we won't ask you for a cut of the deal. This isn't fair for the founder or to the investor putting in the capital

We're Founders Too

We are founders just like you. We've been working on Seedscout for 2 years and are intimate with all the struggles founders go through. We get it, and we're here to help you win.

It Just Works

So far, Seedscout has facilitated well over 1,000 introductions, which has led to 35 checks totaling $3.7M in investments. And we're just getting started.

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Join The Seedscout Network

We charge between $300 and $3,000 per quarter for Seedscout Pro, but we often throw lower priced or free events for our network around the world. If you're interested in becoming a Pro member or being on the list for an event in your city, join us by clicking the button below and filling out the form.